Metronome Regression

I've done it. I've mentioned here, here, and here that I'm working every day on getting a particular Dream Theater lick up to full speed at 112bpm. I finally made it the other day. Celebrate.

The pictured slip of paper has been floating around my desk for nearly 2 months. Every time I hit a new tempo at least once at satisfactory cleanliness, I'd cross it off the list, no more than one per day. Some days I didn't make it to the next level. Some days I blew past my goal but stuck with one slash per day.

You'll notice the list goes to 120bpm. I'd like to keep increasing my limit so that 112bpm is more comfortable. Right now, I'm lucky if I hit the lick cleanly once out of 10 attempts at full speed. I'm getting pretty good in the 100-105 range though. If I really want to master this tune, I need to be able to play it right every time, not just once in a while. I'll have the luxury of choosing the best of many takes when it comes time to record the final video, but I still need to get through all the tricky parts in the same pass. The more consistent I am, the easier time I'll have recording.