Most nights as I'm falling asleep, I hear music in my head. At first, my mind's on something I heard or practiced that day, but as I drift toward sleep, I start hearing totally original music. Sometimes it's related to something I've heard before. Sometimes it comes from nowhere with sounds I've never imagined.

The coolest part is that I feel like I can distinctly hear every instrument involved. When I hear classically oriented music, it's as if I'm composing parts for an entire orchestra on the fly. But I don't have much control over what I hear. It's very much like dreaming, where everything you see came from your mind, but you weren't aware of creating it.

It's a strange, exhilarating sensation, and I want to cultivate it. These moments right before sleep are definitely when my mind is most creative, and if I could somehow tap into that, I would have a huge resource for composing. I've tried remembering bits of what I come up with to no avail.

I'm sure I'll write about this again. I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface.