For my sight reading hour today, I isolated the range of each string for ten minutes a piece. It was more challenging than I expected and very helpful.

Knowing the notes well on each string is the first step, and I have that down after the last couple months of daily sight reading. Quick position shifts are also essential. I've had plenty of practice at that over the years as well, so it's no problem.

The kicker is that all the position shifts need to be done with my eyes on the music, not the guitar. Playing without looking down is easy enough in one position, but quick lateral movements usually require assistance from the eyeballs. On top of that, I need to read far enough ahead to guess at which finger to use for the first note in each new position.

I saw a significant improvement in my reading and position shifting at the end of the ten-minute segment on every string, so it was quite satisfying.

Today's Summary

  • warm-up: three-note combos (fingers 124 and 134), various speeds, 1 hr
  • SRV: "I'm Cryin'" intro, over and over and over, build speed but slow enough to get it right, 1 hr
  • sight reading: C major, individual strings, 1 hr
  • ear training, 1 hr
  • 1001 Jazz Licks book, learn 10 licks, pick 1 to practice, 1 hr
  • C major scale improv over vamp, all 12 positions, 1 hr