Today I launch my new guitar website, Deft Digits.

Whereas I've written From the Woodshed as a personal guitar journal about my own thoughts and ambitions, I'll write the blog at Deft Digits with the student in mind. While I've had a wealth of ideas about teaching and learning guitar, I've withheld them from the Woodshed, because I write this blog as if I'm writing to myself. I assume the reader has the same knowledge I do, and I imagine this alienates some readers when I launch into unreasonably technical posts like An Analysis of "Dolphin Dance".

From the Woodshed is all about me. Deft Digits will be all about you. The theme will be guitar learning advice for beginner to advanced players, starting with The Essentials: listening, tuning, metronomes, etc. The site will also be a hub for my teaching business. I just moved into my new place in Seattle, and I'm looking for students, so get in touch if you're in the area and interested in lessons yourself.

If Deft Digits sounds like a good time to you, please subscribe to the feed and stay up to date with my new writings.