Holidays are curiously adept at inhibiting original content. And New Year's Eve seems as good a time as any to drop a payload of internal links. I hereby present you with my favorite blog posts of 2010, in chronological order.

Jan 25: Benedetto Clinic
Feb 1: Bob Magnusson's Monster Arpeggio Workout
Feb 8: How Many Scales Are There?
Apr 26: Piano Scale Fingerings
May 7: Jazz Education Research Prospectus
Jun 11: Summer Goals 2010
Jun 18: Ultimate Music Challenge
Jun 21: Ultimate Music Challenge Results
Jun 23: Counting Tunes at Jam Sessions
Jun 30: Every Key Is Sacred
Jul 13 - Sep 21: National Guitar Workshop
Sep 22: Gypsy Jazz at My Wedding
Oct 28: John McLaughlin's Solo on "Very Early"
Nov 10: Visualizing Chord-Scales on the Cycle of Fourths
Nov 15: My Working Recital Set List
Nov 17: The Six Pillars of Musical Development
Nov 26: Horace Silver: "Peace" and "Silver's Serenade"
Nov 29: Upper Structure Triads
Dec 1: SDSU Jazz Combo 2 Challenges
Dec 3: How to Practice Music: Six Essential Activities
Dec 22: An Analysis of "Dolphin Dance"