I've been playing with San Diego's Led Zeppelin tribute band, Dazed and Confused, for over a year. I don't believe I've posted any videos of that material yet.

We have over 40 songs in our repertoire, although we never play them all at the same show. I learned a lot of Jimmy Page's solos note for note off the studio recordings. On other songs I improvise in a Page fashion around the original solo, and others I just take off and do my own thing. So I thought I'd upload some videos of the original Page solos that I do, just for fun.

"Black Dog" was one of the songs I played at the audition, back in August of last year. I learned the solo for that occasion, and I play it roughly the same way at every show, but it's still tough. It took me several takes in front of the camera just to get it this close. It's not perfect, but I'll take it. I played this through a solid-state practice amp (Roland Cube 30), and the tone is usually pretty good, but take note of the compelling case for tube overdrive around 0:30. I ended with some licks from the How the West Was Won solo. Here it is, all naked, just me and the metronome:

And here's the promo video the band's been using this year (check the website for show dates if you're around San Diego):