Upper Structure Triads

by Joe Walker, 29 Nov 2010, in Theory

Horace Silver: "Peace" and "Silver's Serenade"

by Joe Walker, 26 Nov 2010, in School

Weird Metronome

by Joe Walker, 24 Nov 2010, in Resources

Shelle Blue

by Joe Walker, 22 Nov 2010, in Performances

The Original Deluxe Aggravation

by Joe Walker, 19 Nov 2010, in Compositions

The Six Pillars of Musical Development

by Joe Walker, 17 Nov 2010, in Goals

My Working Recital Set List

by Joe Walker, 15 Nov 2010, in School

Out Doin' Good Again

by Joe Walker, 12 Nov 2010, in Compositions,School

Visualizing Chord-Scales on the Cycle of Fourths

by Joe Walker, 10 Nov 2010, in Theory

SDSU Jazz Studies Jury Scales

by Joe Walker, 8 Nov 2010, in School

Sanyo Pedal Juice

by Joe Walker, 5 Nov 2010, in Gear

SDSU Jazz Seminar Periodic Journal 3

by Joe Walker, 3 Nov 2010, in School
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