I wrote a jazz blues tune last year called "Miss Information." I dug it up this summer to potentially use for my upcoming graduate recital at SDSU.

Here's the lead sheet.

I wrote most of it in the San Diego Airport waiting for a flight to Seattle. It came together in a peculiar order: title first, then harmony, then melody. Then I revised the melody a few months ago. The title came from my first encounter with a Paul Krugman article. I wanted to write a musical satire of the proliferation of fallacies through the media, obfuscating things which needn't be so complicated. So I took a standard blues form and screwed with all the chords. Still targeting the I on measure 1, the IV7 on measure 5, and the iim7 on measure 9, I filled all the gaps with back-cycling and tritone subs. Then I wrote a playful melody through the changes with a bunch of syncopation, so the listener might get turned around if they're not careful.