My special rankings index for The Real Book, Volume III is complete. If you haven't seen the indexes I created for Volume I and Volume II, check those out first. The idea is to replace the standard six-page table of contents at the beginning of a fake book with a single-page, color-coded distillation of the book's most popular tunes. I used the ranked song list from, and used a red background for the top tunes, then blue, then yellow, then white.

Download the PDF.

For best results, print it out, cut off the margins, and tape or paste it to the inside front cover of your Real Book. I only ask that you leave "" visible at the bottom so that your friends know where it came from when you show it off at jam sessions.

I plan to do the same for the Chuck Sher New Real Book series. Leave a comment if you'd like to see it applied to any other books.