I've been recruited by my bandmates to learn the mandolin parts on Going to California. We know our John Paul Jones is supposed to play them, but our Plant already has the guitar parts down, and we thought I might pick up the mando parts quicker. Our Jones recently bought one and loaned it to me so I could learn these parts and teach him in the future.

I've never played a mandolin before. I knew there were four courses (pairs) of strings. I didn't know it was tuned like a violin. I assumed it was tuned with the same intervals as a guitar and I'd have all the fingerings down. Good thing there are no chords in Going to California; I'll need to learn them all anew. I found some really helpful and accurate mandolin tablature for the song though. I can pick up most of it by ear, but that should move things along. I'm excited for Battle of Evermore.

Next step is to learn to play like this guy: