Today was my last day at my web programming job. I had been working part-time since school started, but I decided to jump all the way into music again.

It feels similar to the move I made in 2007, right before I started this blog, to quit my day job and do nothing but practice guitar for a year. I got a lot out of that, it was a ton of woodshedding, but I wasn't interacting with other musicians enough. The difference now is that I'm going to school, I'm getting out to jam sessions, I'm in an amazing Zeppelin tribute band, and I intend to fill a chunk of time every week teaching lessons. I won't get the 8-10 (or 24) hours of daily practice in that I used to, but I think I'll get more out of all my other activities.

I'll spend the next year and a half working at making a living with music, between teaching and gigging. Maybe I'll have a career by the time I graduate. I'm excited.