I bought my first Les Paul a couple weeks ago. It was the day before the man himself died. That was weird.

Here are some pictures.

2.JPG3.JPGIt's a 2003 Gibson Les Paul Standard. I dig the top. Slightly flamed, but not overstated. Everything is stock, said the seller. Burstbucker Pro pickups. Vintage-looking tuners, Kluson I think. I'm not sure how I feel about those. I might look into an upgrade, although I know jack about tuners. I usually eschew vintage gear for sturdier, more reliable, more cost-effective modern gear, especially if it's just for looks.

I swapped out the .010 strings for .009s. I usually play a hybrid .010 or .011 set, but I needed to get Page's tone and do his bendy tricks for the Zeppelin tribute band audition I had on Saturday. (It went well. I played through my Fender DeVille with treble up and bass/mid down, and the tone was pretty damn close. I'll find out if I got the gig next week.) That major 3rd bend behind the nut at the beginning of the first Heartbreaker solo really can't be done on .010s without slicing through your fingertips. I also installed strap-locks the day I got it. Protect your investment!

I bought it primarily because it's been on my shopping list forever. The timing was dictated by the Zeppelin audition. My other solid-bodies are a standard Strat and an American Lone Star Strat, so I just need a decent Tele-style guitar and I will be complete. That can wait though. I might go for something less conventional like a Jazzmaster once I'm in the buying mood again.