I have two auditions coming up this month. In addition to the SDSU audition I've been mentioning all year, I signed up for another one with a Led Zeppelin tribute band. That would be freaking blast if I got it. I've been tasked with learning Since I've Been Loving You, Heartbreaker, and Black Dog. I spent the last week learning the tough parts. Now I just need to memorize and practice to perfection. I have a handful of other Zep tunes under my belt, and they're an established band with a formidable setlist already. This is a rare and desirable opportunity.

My SDSU audition is a week later. I just found out that it's not for spring 2010, but fall 2009. My audition's on the first day of classes, and I find out if I'm accepted on the second day. If so, I make frantic arrangements to register for classes, free up time for them, pay for them, and start attending.