I found another amazing jazz resource. BopLand is a database of jazz licks, mostly transcribed from the greats. It allows users to submit original or transcribed licks, via LilyPond code, for approval by a panel of experts. (I think that last bit is suspect. They claim to analyze each submission for harmonic correctness and melodic integrity. I understand they want to ensure the quality of every lick, but "wrong" notes are often not mistakes, but statements.) I think the coolest feature is that their database is searchable by chord progression. You can enter "Dm7 G7 C" and you'll get all their ii-V-I licks in C.

Summary from the site:

The project is a free knowledge database for improvising musicians. BopLand.org database contains hundreds of jazz licks over most common chord progressions. While not only oriented towards jazz musicians, but towards other musicians as well, the majority of patterns present in the database were composed during the bebop era. Hence comes the name.

The main contributors of the project are Clifford Brown, Bill Evans, Stan Getz, John Lewis, Thelonious Monk, Lee Morgan, Gerry Mulligan, Charlie Parker, Joe Pass, Sonny Rollins. From the technical point of view the BopLand.org project is based on the GNU LilyPond music typesetting system.

Did we say the project is free?... That's a lie. You will pay by creating wonderful music, by making other people smile, by reshaping and solidifying this material and bequeathing it to those, who will do the same. At least we hope so. Enjoy!

The site is excellent for a little sight reading practice and analyzing great melodic ideas, but I think I'd do better transcribing this stuff by ear straight from the source. I wish I could sign in and keep track of my favorites. I've been meaning to start my own lick library of my favorite ideas, original or transcribed, so I can regularly work them into my fingers and head.