Not that South Park.

I participated in my first open jazz jam last night at South Park Bar and Grill. I didn't fall on my face. I was thrilled.

They have a great format going there. Every Thursday evening, a house band plays a couple tunes and posts a sign up list for anyone who wants to sit in. They assemble groups on the spot, usually drums, bass, keyboard, guitar, one or two horns, maybe a singer. Skill levels seem to range from intermediate to advanced. I haven't seen any n00bs or l33ts yet, just a friendly mix of everything in between. I'd assess everyone I've seen play as better and/or more experienced than I, but not so much that I can't hang. This will be very good for my playing if I can get down there every week.

I was called up to play two songs: Freddie Freeloader and How High the Moon. I was comfortable with Freddie, much less so with How High. I better review that one now so I don't get caught on it again. Fool me once.

My nerves were a bit on edge, but I forced myself to go. This is what I want to do, and I knew that after my first time I'd be excited to return.