I wrote earlier about preparing for an audition for San Diego State University's Master of Music program in Jazz Studies.

I just received word that I was denied entrance to the program for this fall, due to an unsuccessful audition. I plan to audition again in six months for spring 2010 enrollment.

I'll try to find out exactly what I need to improve, but I primarily fault my sight reading. I've never been a good reader, and I've never been in a situation where I was frequently required to sight read. Despite my toils in this area over the last year and a half, it was immediately apparent during my audition, wherein I shit the bed when they put a lead sheet in front of me, that I still have much work to do. Hence, like a commander learning of the Emperor's imminent arrival to survey the Death Star's construction, I shall double my efforts.

To prepare, I just set up more private lessons, this time with Travis Daudert, a current Jazz Studies MM student at SDSU. I'll continue plunking my way through my Real Book, and I just bought the Charlie Parker Omnibook for some more challenging material. Back to work.