I had my knee surgerized yesterday. Arthroscopic meniscectomy. I twisted my knee and popped something out of place 2 weeks ago and was on crutches and drugs until yesterday's surgery. I'm no longer on crutches. That, combined with Gramps's passing, is behind my recent lack of blog activity.

I practiced for 4 or 5 hours today, more than I've managed in a while. I am indeed rusty, and I need to finish my LAMA scholarship audition and application by June 6.

Now that I'm able to practice again, it's time to sharpen my chops back to where I was 2 weeks ago. I made significant progress today. I may only need another day or two. I'm mostly running scales (2-note-per-string pentatonics, 3-note-per-string diatonics) and arpeggios (maj7, 7, m7, m7b5) to do this. I'll shoot for a full 8-hour day tomorrow with a few hours dedicated to each audition piece and hopefully some sight reading as well.

It feels good to be back at it again.