Here's take 2 of "Texas Flood":

Compare to take 1.

First chance to see some improvement in these videos. I think I'm a little better. I lowered the strings back to Stevie tuning for this one. That helped a lot with the hand fatigue. My Blues Driver trick seemed to help with the tone as well.

It sounds like my bends are getting better, pitch is more accurate. I might do the final take to programmed accompaniment rather than the real track to avoid minor inconsistencies in bending pitch or note timing. If I'm just a tiny bit behind on a long bend, it'll sound fine on its own but awful if Stevie's track is in there too.

Tried to play the wrong part after the first lyric. I'll survive.

I felt like I was getting tripped up a lot, as if I was having an off day compared to take 1. I had a feeling this song would be the toughest of the 3 to improve to 100% even though I had a head start with it. I've known how to play it for close to a year, whereas I only started learning "Billie's Bounce" and "Overture 1928" in January. Progress is coming in leaps and bounds on those, so it's discouraging to see my chops plateauing on this song. I just gotta keep my nose on the grindstone and I should end up with something acceptable when it comes time to submit.