Blues DriverI've been using an Ampeg Reverberocket, a simple combo amp, for practicing and recording videos. Problem is, it goes from barely audible to way too loud for my apartment with a single nudge of the volume knob. Even when I find the middle ground, there's so little utilization of the tubes that my tone sucks ass. See this video.

If only I could run a strong signal through the tubes while limiting the final output. If only I had some method of attenuating the signal after it gets the tone it needs from the amp. Alas, this amp has but a single volume knob.

However, there is an effects loop, jacks for "line out" and "line in." I assume this is between the preamp and power tubes in the signal flow. I could stick something in there and at least get some tone from the preamp tubes. My first thought was a volume pedal, but bumping it while playing could be a disaster. Then I remembered my Boss Blues Driver. I've used it for clean gain before, why not a simple attenuator?

I hooked up the Blues Driver, and so far it's working. It doesn't sound fantastic, but far better than what I was trying to work with before.