Just added the 2nd video in my "YouTube Progress" series. This is Dream Theater's "Overture 1928."

My digital camera microphone can't handle the Metal Zone. It'll suffice for these test runs though. And pardon the poor lighting.

I slowed it down by 30%. I can play most of the song at full speed, but I'm not there yet with a few of the tricky parts. I've been spending at least an hour a day on that lick at 0:47. If you've heard the original, you'll know I have a long way to go.

Random mistakes all over (totally lost it at 1:28), but most of them aren't recurring at this tempo. I'll get more consistent by playing the thing over and over. The ascending run at 2:37 always gives me trouble though. I'll throw it in with that lick from the beginning for daily practice.

If you watch closely during the first few seconds, you can see my cat jump up behind my back. She wanted to push my elbow into the correct position.