I get a lot of positive comments about what I'm doing here, focusing on practicing guitar to eventually become a professional musician. But I'm surprised at how often people are impressed with the amount of time I devote to it. Most of these people work 40-hour weeks but think that 8 hours of plunkin in a day is nuts. I don't understand what's so impressive. They follow orders all day long to earn a living while I sit around, unemployed, doing whatever I please. "Whatever I please" happens to have some direction in my case, that's all.

I've read about all the guitar greats putting in similar hours, but I'm more impressed with anyone who doesn't have that option, yet still steadily improves. I've got all day every day at my disposal; of course I'm gonna show improvement. I have trouble thinking of what I'd do with only an hour a day though.... I'd go fuckin insane, that's what I'd do. I can't imagine how to strictly budget so little time and show regular improvements. It takes me over an hour just to warm up.

What I find more impressive than anything I've done is the working stiff who needs employment to raise his/her family and who utilizes what few spare minutes they have to practice an instrument every day, improve, and fulfill that part of their life. That takes more dedication and sacrifice than I've ever known.

I feel extraordinarily privileged to have this option before me. I'm just trying to make the most of it.