Add me to the list of YouTube hacks trying to play SRV.

I had an idea. What if I upload videos of my progress on the songs I'm preparing for my LAMA scholarship demo? They won't be up to speed at first, and they'll have plenty of mistakes, but it might be interesting to see my improvements over the next couple months.

It's a good way to expose the flaws in my playing. Publishing something I'm not satisfied with makes me really uncomfortable. But maybe that's what I need. I could keep waiting until I'm better, until I can play the songs up to speed correctly, but I may never be satisfied with anything if I take that route.

So here's the first in what could become a series of published attempts at these songs. Let me know what you think of the idea.

Maybe I'll talk about each video when I post it.

I have Med/Heavy strings (.011-.056) on that one, tuned to standard pitch. I use Amazing Slow Downer to slow it down a bit and shift from Gb to G. I wasn't taking this run seriously, so I missed a few lines screwing off before the solo; I wasn't planning to upload it at the time. Aside from that, there's a handful of mistakes to work out, some bending problems, and a few Johnny Hiland eyeball moments. And that's my guitar rag, an old pair of undies. I use it to wipe the grime off the guitar and the sweat off my hands between lines.