In an effort to heed my sign more effectively, I made a new schedule for myself.

6:30am - wake up, wash up, eat, read news
8am - plunk
12pm - exercise, shower, eat
2pm - plunk
7:30pm - eat, relax, miscellaneous
9pm - blog
10pm - drop everything, wash up, read (currently Atlas Shrugged), sleep

I've been sticking to that for a couple days, and it's working well so far. It gives me enough time to dink around reading news, creating Rhapsody playlists from Spin's year-end lists, etc. while budgeting 9.5 hours for plunking.

Within the plunking, I'm focused on practicing my 3 audition pieces for LAMA. From 8am to noon, I warm up for an hour then dedicate an hour to each song. For the 2pm-7:30pm block, I have a list of possible topics to practice on any given day. It includes sight reading, ear training, classical theory, jazz theory, transcribing, etc. I pick 5 from the list and spend an hour on each one, filling the extra half hour with jamming or otherwise screwing off as long as a guitar's involved.

There's always the option to play more. That's why I gave extra time for eating, exercising, relaxing. Guitar can cut into those times. Hell, if I sleep for 7 hours, that leaves 17 hours for plunking if I really go nuts, 16 if food time adds up to an hour. Yeah right.