Just finished a long vacation visiting family. Hope the season's treating you well. Watch for ice.

I managed to crank out my arpeggios and some SRV practice every day, but not much else. I had my high-gauge, high-action strat with me, so my fingers are still strong.

I'll be doing more of the same in 2008. My savings will run out sometime this summer, so I need to think about what happens after that. I'm applying to LA Music Academy for this fall, so that's an option. I'll shift my focus to preparing for that if it goes through. I got Gardner Read's Music Notation for Christmas. Despite displaying a quote from a Washington State University prof on the cover, it seems like an authoritative standard reference on the topic. If I can work through the whole thing, it should help me pass out of at least one class at LAMA.

Now if I can spend more time plunking and less time watching Ron Paul videos, I'll be in great shape.