by Joe Walker, 29 Dec 2007, in Thoughts

Pinky Locking Up

by Joe Walker, 23 Dec 2007, in Thoughts

Where Do Arpeggios Come From?

by Joe Walker, 22 Dec 2007, in Theory


by Joe Walker, 20 Dec 2007, in Thoughts

Single-Note Picking vs. Strumming

by Joe Walker, 17 Dec 2007, in Skills

Why Don't I Love Jazz Guitar?

by Joe Walker, 14 Dec 2007, in Thoughts

Dodging Tendinitis

by Joe Walker, 13 Dec 2007, in Practice

Über Arpeggios

by Joe Walker, 12 Dec 2007, in Thoughts

New Priority: Learn Standards

by Joe Walker, 10 Dec 2007, in Thoughts

7-9-11-13 Arpeggios

by Joe Walker, 9 Dec 2007, in Theory

Arpeggios over Chord Changes

by Joe Walker, 7 Dec 2007, in Practice

Visiting LA Music Academy

by Joe Walker, 6 Dec 2007, in Thoughts

Syncing Hands

by Joe Walker, 4 Dec 2007, in Skills

String Bending Trickery

by Joe Walker, 2 Dec 2007, in Skills

Discovering Guitarists

by Joe Walker, 1 Dec 2007, in Thoughts
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