Got my repaired guitar back from the shop today. It finally plays like it should, no more flattened frets all over the 12th position. I got it set up with .010-gauge strings, lighter than I want in the long run. But I want to learn to play Holdsworth/Satriani legato licks, and those can't be done on big strings with high action.

My first instructional Netflick arrived today: Jimmy Bruno's No Nonsense Jazz Guitar. I picked up a bunch of good advice and had a wrench thrown into my understanding of picking technique. I'll write a review later.

I played blindfolded for three hours today. It was an interesting experience, and I intend to repeat it on a regular basis. I'll write more about this as well after I've had more experience with it.

Today's Summary

  • warm-up: various farting around, 1 hr
  • SRV: everything I know on the repaired guitar, .010-gauge strings bend like butter, 1 hr
  • four main arpeggios (maj7, 7, m7, m7b5), 12 positions, blindfolded, 3 hrs
  • Jimmy Bruno instructional video, 3 hrs
  • interval training, 1 hr