I use Dunlop 3mm Big Stubby picks. They're stupid huge, and I get weird looks when I request them at music shops, but they allow for great control, they feel right in my fingers, and I can get a wider dynamic range than with weaker picks.

I buy these things online in bulk, and I once mistakenly bought the jazz version of the pick, known as Stubby rather than Big Stubby. It's still 3mm thick, but much smaller in the other dimensions. I took one out and used it today, curious to try something new.

I played until I got used to it, and it changed my playing a bit. I made less unnecessary movement with my picking hand because I had to be more precise with this smaller pick. When I switched back to my Big Stubby, I saw it in a whole new light. It felt even better than before because of how the smaller pick changed my playing. I think I'll try doing the same thing with all the other leftover picks I've accumulated.

Today's Summary

  • I barely got to play at all today. I actually got some other things done that have been pending since July. But I realize I'm very lucky to be in a position where four hours of guitar in one day is next to nothing.
  • slow pick/fret hand synching, all linear and sweep finger combos, all over neck, 2 hrs
  • SRV: worked on various solos, "Dirty Pool" strumming (getting better!), 2 hrs