In a move similar to the bend/slide technique I mentioned yesterday, I sometimes try to play blues licks with every note bent slightly out of tune. It sounds pretty weird, which is what I want. It would be nice if I could make it sound intentional.

While running today, I realized that no note ever played on a guitar has been exactly in line with the string. Every note is bent at least a tiny bit to one side, and the pressure of the finger is at least slightly towards one end of the string (causing the note to go sharp or flat, just as with a bend).

So now that I know this, of course I want to control it. When I'm playing, I shouldn't be thinking of which notes to bend, but how much I want to bend every single note. Most will be as little as possible, and I should be conscious of that. It's not trivial to play a bunch of notes without bends; sometimes awkward hand positions cause notes to pull out of tune. And I can look for more notes that I can intentionally sharpen, whether it's a full bend to another note or a subtle embellishment.

Today's Summary

  • interval trainer, 1 hr
  • SRV: "Testify", "Dirty Pool" strumming, "Love Struck Baby" solo, 2 hrs
  • sight reading: all over neck in C, 1 hr
  • worked on yesterday's bend/slide move, 1 hr
  • more interval training and development, 3 hrs
  • some ear training next, before bed