I came up with this funny little embellishment when I started studying Charlie Parker's music a few weeks ago, and I'm finally getting good at it. I usually apply it to two notes a whole step apart. Simply pick the lower note, bend it up a half step, slide up one fret while holding the bend, then release.

It's easy enough to explain, but it felt and sounded awkward at first. I could tell the technique had the potential to sound really slick, so I've been practicing it here and there since I discovered it. It's starting to find its way into my other playing as well, which is very good.

Today's Summary

  • still sick, slept in again, should be back to 100% tomorrow
  • diatonic and pentatonic scales, all positions, various speeds, getting the timing back in my fingers, 3 hrs
  • SRV: "Mary Had a Little Lamb" solo over and over, various speeds, 1 hr
  • interval recognition tool: development and practice, 2 hrs
  • ear training: focusing on identifying single notes in the keys I'm learning with my interval recognition tool, 1 hr
  • ear training: advanced rhythm sight reading (up to sixteenth triplets with rests, ties, and dotted notes sprinkled throughout), 1 hr