I spent most of my time today developing, using, and improving my interval recognition tool. So far, it works just like I said it would, and I've memorized all the intervals in five major keys. I haven't checked if it works in anything but Firefox, and I'd rather play my guitar than fart around with browser compatibility. I think it will be ready for prime time in a few days. Let me know if you'd like to help me test it.

Today's Summary

  • woke up sick, slept in, dragged my ass the entire day
  • SRV: trying to build strength after a weekend hiatus, 1 hr
  • practiced fourth chords for comping and plugging into solos, 1 hr
  • various 7th arpeggios to a metronome, 1 hr
  • ear training, melodic dictation with my new knowledge of intervals, 1 hr
  • worked on the interval tool the rest of the day