Today, I discovered the giant selection of music instruction and concert DVDs available at I haven't seen any at home yet, but I just added about a dozen to my queue including titles from Jimmy Bruno, Warren Haynes, Dream Theater, Frank Zappa, and Johnny Hiland. I'm quite excited about getting tons of new practice ideas.

Today's Summary

  • warm-up: picking 2 notes at a time, all finger combinations, all over neck, very slow for good hand synchronization, 1 hr
  • SRV: mostly worked on "Testify", 1 hr
  • sight reading: back to C major w/ added Eb, 6 positions, 1 hr
  • finished watching Eric Johnson videos and practicing his suggestions, 1 hr
  • picking exercises during an episode of Planet Earth, 1 hr
  • licks out of Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing by Ted Greene, 1 hr
  • about to do some ear training before bed