I recently read Steve Vai's 30-hour guitar workout from a 2004 issue of Guitar World. In the section on bending, he had this to say:

"Make sure to practice bending as much in the upper register and on the high strings as you do in the lower register and on the low strings. Can you bend an F# note at the second fret on the high E string up to A? Maybe if you're Zakk Wylde!"

Zakk Wylde might be a real viking, and I am definitely not, so I initially assumed that this little test was not for me. Today, noticing that my finger calluses, which now resemble the heels of my feet, have been feeling better every day from all the SRV playing, I decided to give it a shot.

I prepared myself with 3 fingers wedged against the 2nd fret, ready to squeeze the life out of this note. I tried, and I did it! Wow! I tried again. KAPOW!

"MotherfffFUCKER," I exclaimed. I had dislodged the nut from its glue and broken the high E string in one motion. Maybe my tiny T-Rex forearms are finally getting stronger.

So thank you, Steve Vai, for that wonderful suggestion. I am surely a better musician after doing that. My local guitar repairman thanks you too.

Today's Summary

  • Slept in and relaxed; it's Saturday.
  • SRV: review of various songs, 1 hr
  • That's about it. Did some other noodlings and adjustments on my backup strat for a while, but like I said, it's Saturday.